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Just Peel, Place, Stick

Directions for applying

  1. Place the middle of the liner on the vagina for complete coverage before applying pressure to the silicone adhesive for secureness.
  2. Be sure to remove the liner when using the restroom by peeling off to one side or completely remove.
  3. Be sure to dry the area before reapplying.
  4. The silicone adhesive will restick to dry skin for secureness.
  5. Do not flush!

The FemeFlex pantiless liner is your answer to those days when you just need to have protection without worrying about it at all! The pantiless liner should not be worn while the user is menstruating. It is highly recommended to use at least two pantiless liners throughout the day for hygiene purposes. With our SoftTouch adhesive technology, you'll be able to enjoy protection all day, and best of all, one size fits all!

With convenient peel-and-stick pantiless disposable liners, you can get the protection you need and have the freedom to wear whatever you want. Combine the benefits of traditional panty liners with the convenience of our adhesive technology so that you can feel confident no matter what you’re wearing.

Comfortable Pantiless Liners

We have worked hard to create a solution that is both secure and comfortable no matter what you choose to wear — or not wear. Our pantiless liners are compact and easy to use, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. No matter how active you are, the adhesive is strong and won’t budge, but it is also gentle on your skin.

Our women’s peel-and-stick pantiless liners are perfect if you want something for daily discharge and secretion. However, they will not offer the necessary protection if you are menstruating or have extreme bladder issues.

Order our peel-and-stick pantiless disposable liners to experience the comfort and convenience for yourself. If you have any questions, you can reach FemeFlex at 1 (800) 836-1513.

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