• Skin must be clean and dry.
  • Refrain from use of other products, oils, lotions, perfumes, etc. in the area where this product is attached.
  • For even better results, the bikini area should be shaven or waxed. Silicone sticks better to clean dry skin rather than hair.

Yes, Femeflex is designed for everyday wear. Femeflex uses the same materials as tradition panty liners and sanitary napkins that are currently on the market. 

Femeflex does not recommend usage during menstruation. 

For maximum protection Femeflex recommends that you change the pantiless liner at least twice per day for best results or as needed. 

Femeflex designed the innovative pantiless liner using a delicate silicone material that is positioned on the upside of the product. The silicone adhesive is around the border of the product that sticks to the body. 

Directions for applying:

  • Place the middle of the liner on the vagina for complete coverage before applying pressure to the silicone adhesive for secureness.
  • Be sure to remove the liner when using the restroom by peeling off to one side or completely remove.
  • Be sure to dry the area before reapplying.
  • The silicone adhesive will restick to dry skin for secureness.
  • Do not flush.

Femeflex pantiless offers an added protection for all women athletes to assist them with keeping their uniform clean.

No extra garment under your uniform while you are playing the sport you love.

Femeflex pantiless liners gives women the freedom of "going commando."

Femeflex pantiless liners gives you an option of not wearing panties or underwear without sacrificing the basic comfort and protection of your MVLP (Most Valuable Lady Part). No panty lines or the annoying string between your butt cheeks.

Femeflex pantiless liners is an innovative product and has no direct competitors. 

Femeflex pantiless liners was created from an result of finding an alternative for women who chooses to go without underwear or panties while maintaining the basic comfort and protection of their MVLP (Most Valuable Lady Part). This is where the pantiless liner was born. 

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