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No Panties, No Problem.

Femefree pantiless liners opens a whole new world of options for women! 

Stain-Free Solution

Eliminate panty lines and uniform discoloration.

Discreet Protection

Avoid sweat spots and vaginal outlines!

Diverse Flexibility

Unscented, breathable liners for young adults

Why Are Girls Going Commando? 15 Reasons to Ditch Your Panties

There are more and more girls going commando as of late. But why is this? Here are all of the reasons why girls and you should ditch the undies.

Going commando is nothing new. People have been doing it for far longer than we realize. In fact, humans went without underwear far longer than we’ve been wearing it. It wasn’t until more recently in history that girls going commando was seen as something odd.

But it’s becoming the norm as of late and for good reasons. There are actually many benefits of not wearing underwear and women are starting to realize that.

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Find Your Freedom With Femeflex

With this revolutionary patent pending product, that eliminates panty lines and reduces order-causing bacteria, you'll enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.


FemeFree is a great way to wear what you like no matter ...


Feeling sexy never felt so free with FemeFree.

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Why Choose FemeFlex

Join the army of women "going commando" with a new tool for their aresenal.

Wear All Day

FemeFlex's gentle adhesive stays with you all day, no matter how active you are—and it's also disposable, making it the ultimate ...

Compact and Discreet

With our specially formulated Delicate Skin adhesive, FemeFlex can be used with any garments you choose.

Simple To Use

Take them on the go, apply them anytime—FemeFlex is easy to use and disposable, making it the perfect solution to a problem all ...

Early Adopters Tell Their Stories

Brett Barber

I'm a busy career-driven woman. I needed an everyday solution. [Insta]

Nikki Sumlin

I've been going commando for years. Femeflex pantiless liners are the perfect solution. [Insta]

Patricia McMillan

I'm a fashion designer and a consultant to celebrities, and this is one of my best kept secrets.

It Girl Friday

Yes ladies it’s almost here! No panties, no problem. ;) [Insta]

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